Veteran’s Day

This picture was taken in 2007, which was the last time that Ray returned home from a major deployment. Today is Veteran’s Day. I am so thankful for ALL who have served and are serving our country. There is so much sacrifice that goes with the life of a service member. They are serving our country, most by their own choosing, to protect you and me. They protect us from true evil that we really can’t understand.

They sometimes live in conditions that are dangerous. They sleep in dirt… cold, hot… alone. I can’t imagine missing the birth of my child, birthdays, Christmas morning, first step, first word, etc. but they do it. I’ve never really heard one complaint. They serve so we can sleep safely. I appreciate that.

Thank you to each and every Veteran and Active Duty of the United States of America… most of all, thank you to my best friend and husband. You sacrifice so much to provide for and protect us. We love you more than words…

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