Ripping off the Bandaid…

I opened my door last night. That itself it a huge statement. After so many years of having a panic attack every time the doorbell rang (due to the condition of my front room), I was finally able to open the door and let people in. In all, there were 60-70 people. Go big or go home!

I am so thankful for our friends. These wonderful people took time to come show their love to Ray. I know that sometimes he finds it truly hard to believe that people care so much about our family. I think he was overwhelmed last night.

I had prayed hard all day that I would not stress… I didn’t. I sat and enjoyed everyone in my home. I enjoyed the conversation, I didn’t mind the rowdy kids, my dog behaved, the food was awesome… mostly I enjoyed watching everyone tell my husband how much he would be missed and they would be praying for him.

I have one week… one week to enjoy every moment… one week to appreciate what a great man I have as a husband… one week to show him two years worth of love… one week…

“The poor are shunned even by their neighbors, but the rich have many friends.” Proverbs 14:20

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