Getting Back on Track…

Like most of you, my house has been in chaos the past few days.  I did my best to get ready for Christmas, despite my lack of motivation.  I think the boys had a good day.  You can see by the picture, they were not lacking in “stuff.”

Normally, my house is pretty neat.  It doesn’t pass a white glove test, but the beds are made, counters are clean, and the floor is picked up.  I guess I’ve been in a fog, because I just walked around my house an wondered where I was!  Not one bed is made, dirty clothes (and clean ones) everywhere, dishes on the counter, and the floor is definitely not picked up.  The picture does not even do the mess justice!

This is the time of year when schedules and routines are thrown out the window.  School is out and there are a few days off work.  I don’t like it!  I am in love with my routine… I thrive on lists and order.  I think my brain may explode if I walk through my house again!

There is a new year coming.  Most of us make promises of new beginnings and fresh starts… some we keep and others… well, we try to forget we made.  This new year will bring alot of changes to our house.  Daddy is half a world away and that will be a challenge.  I am excited about finding new ways to show him that we love him.

For right now though… I must bring some semblance of order back to our home.  Wish me luck!

“She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.” Proverbs 31:27

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