How Does Your Garden Grow?…

I have some really great friends.  Now that my husband is gone, they’ve really surrounded me with love and support.  I started thinking how friendships are like flowers.  All flowers need soil and water to grow.  Without one or the other, the flower won’t bloom. Some flowers require more water or more soil than another, but they can not survive without bothWe are the water and soil in our relationships.

Some flowers can grow, flourish even, with very little care.  They can grow, fast and furious, on roadsides with very little soil or water.  They grow there, naturally, as if made for that spot.  They can be hacked down and sprout right back.

Other flowers take great care and an exact mix of soil and water to grow, much less bloom.  Left unattended, they wither and die.  Orchids for example, take more skill and care to bloom.  But… oh, what a flower it produces.  It’s beauty is worth every bit of care and love that it required.

In my life, I have a garden of friendships.  Some are easy to grow, others take a great effort.  Some take more water, some take more soil, and some an even mix.  I might be the water of one friendship and the soil of another.  My prayer is that I am the right amount of what I need to be to make each friendship bloom.

“It had been planted in good soil by abundant water so that it would produce branches, bear fruit and become a splendid vine.” Ezekiel 17:8

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