Have To’s…

Lately, I’ve been feeling like everything I do is a “have to.”  I tell the boys that I have to work, they have to go to school, we have to go to church, I could go on forever.  Lord knows that right now I have to do everything!  I feel like my brain is trained with the words “have to.”  Being from the South, it usually turns into “hafta.”

It seems that by always saying “I hafta go to the grocery store, I hafta pick up the kids, I hafta take one or the other to ball practice” that I am turning these tasks into burdens.  Mind you, some tasks do feel like burdens, but some don’t.  I rather enjoy watching my boys play sports and I actually like grocery shopping (as long as they aren’t with me).

I am making a commitment to myself to take out the “hafta’s” altogether or change them to “get to’s” if it fits.  Maybe by changing how my mind thinks about a task will change how my heart feels while I’m doing it.

“Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.” Psalms 51:12

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