Showing Up…

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We have this joke in our family regarding the boys and school.  My boys both have perfect attendance.  I always joke with the teachers that we aren’t the best behaved or the smartest, but we can show up!  There is a lot to be said about just showing up.  Showing up says that you are dependable, reliable, and loyal.  These are qualities that we want our family to be known for.  None of us have ever been the straight A student, but people can depend on us.  I’m happy with that.

Lately, “showing up” has been coming at me in another way.  Not only is it important to show up for school and work, but it is important to show up for your friends and family.  The latter is much more important!

I have had a few times lately when the boys’ schedules conflicted.  I never want to have to choose between them.  I have come to the realization that I can’t be in two places at one time.  I have also tried to not beat myself up about not being able to “show up” for everything; I’ve allowed myself to fall short.  You know what?  While I have fallen short, others have stood tall… for us.  We have the most amazing friends.   We have people that actually “show up” for us.  They show up for basketball games, baseball games, to help shuttle, to take my boys to events, to go out with me on the only night out I’ve had in 80 days (yes, I counted), and to bring gifts and words of encouragement.

It means the world to us that people care so much for us that they sacrifice their own time to be there for us.  Sometimes my boys ask “why did he/she come?”  I always say “because they care about us.”  Both boys always have this look of amazed appreciation.  Sometimes it’s hard to accept that other people truly want to stand up for a family that is sacrificing for our country, especially if it’s just us.  I am in awe of the love that God shows us through our friends and family.

Life is a gift.  You can make a difference in others’ lives.  You don’t need a lot of money or experience sometimes you simply need to “show up.”

If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!” Ecclesiastes 4:10

Note: The video was taken by a friend that showed up for my #15 in my absence.  🙂


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