Sno Cone Day…

My week has been busier than usual.  I car pool with another family taking the kids to and from school.  This week, the dad has been in the hospital and I’ve done all of the shuttling.  I was running around this morning trying to get my boys out the door.  I remembered that it’s “sno cone day” at school.  I then start mad search for two one dollar bills.  (My husband always had the cash!)  Mind you the school doesn’t give change, they just “accept extra as a donation.” Whatever!

Anyway, I found two dollar bills on my dresser and figured I must be living right for God to have put them right there!  We get in the truck and head to pick up the other boy.  Once he was in, I asked him how is dad was doing.  He said “he’s still in the hospital.”  Then, my son asks “did you bring a dollar?”  I immediately thought “oh crap!”  I know that the boy’s dad has been in the hospital and I’m sure the LAST thing on his mom’s mind is “sno cone day!”

The boy said “no, why?”  My son… “it’s sno cone day!”  I knew I didn’t have any more money.  I almost got mad at my son for bringing it up.  Then, much to my proud amazement, my son pulled his dollar out of his pocket (I’m tearing up right now) and gave it to the boy and said “now you can get a sno cone.”

I have had a lot of proud moments with my boys and some not so proud moments, but this one stands out for me.  My son gave up his sno cone for another.  That might not be big in your book, but to a third grader… that’s HUGE!  Sometimes, my boys drive me crazy and  wonder if they’ll ever “get it.”  Today I saw a glimpse of the men I want them to become.  The blessings we receive when we give to another are so much more than whatever we gave.  What are you giving?

“A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor.” Proverbs 22:9

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