Uncharted Territory…

We have made it past the six month mark.  Normally, I am preparing for a homecoming right about now.  Last minute details usually include making sure the house is clean, preparing “welcome home” signs, haircuts, cute outfits, yard work, etc.  I always want my husband to feel that he was missed, but not have to feel burdened to do anything right when he gets home.  I think that is typical of most military spouses.

I would give anything to be in that mode right now.  Six months have passed yet we are only a quarter of the way.  It seems like an eternity ahead of us.  Some people, with the best of intentions, say “wow, it’s been six months already?  Time sure flies, he’ll be home before you know it.”  Let me assure you, time does not fly.  When you break it down to every birthday, holiday, ball game, lost tooth, dinner cooked, yard mowed, school project, argument, hair cut, outgrown pair of shoes, injury, award, smile, hug and kiss, time seems to drag on at a snail’s pace.

All the things that we as military spouses do every day while our husbands (or wives) are away serving our country are markers.  Markers of time that make you go crazy sometimes, but markers that give us a deep pain knowing that our spouse has missed.  My husband is one of the best fathers that I know.  He doesn’t miss a game or even an opportunity to wrestle on the floor with our boys.  I know that missing all these moments, even the unpleasant ones, is the hardest thing he could ever do.

We are in uncharted territory as we head into month seven and beyond.  Some days I don’t know how the four of us will get through this without a high therapy bill. 😉  Ultimately, we rely on God, that has bound us together tightly, to carry us through each moment until we are together again.

” Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.  I do not give to you as the world gives.  Do not let you hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

A Father’s Day Championship that we shared with Flat Daddy…

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