Angry American…

Today there are a lot of people supporting a business that expressed its views when asked.  There are also a lot of people expressing their views against that business.  This is America and both sides are allowed to expresses themselves in a peaceful way.  I’m fine with that.

However, I am not fine with a mayor’s position to ban a business from his city.  Since when did our fine country become this?  How can a government official decide that a business can not open because the beliefs of the owners do not agree with that of the official?!  I don’t really care what the beliefs are because if the standard is set, everything is free rein.

If the people of that city truly would not support a business based on its beliefs, then consumer power would determine the fate of the business in that city… not the government.  That is true of any business.  I choose not to support some businesses because of a lack of customer service, lack of cleanliness, or product selection.  That is my choice.  Since when did the residents of a city required their mayor to decide what businesses that they choose to support or not support?

I guess we truly are getting lazy in fighting for our country and our rights.  We are slowly allowing the government to make more decisions for us… like in New York over the size of soda that you can drink!  This is absurd!  I am angered at the arrogance of government officials!  My husband proudly serves to defend this nation against all evils, foreign and domestic.  I choose to defend it, too!

I pray that when election day rolls around that you will have researched your candidates thoroughly.  I pray that you take that knowledge to the polls and VOTE!  Your voice can and will be heard, but only if you VOTE!  Will you defend this nation?  Will you stand up for what you believe or will you sit idly by as our government takes away every responsibility that we have as individuals?

“The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”” Psalms 14:1 

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