A Simple Reminder…

Last night, I went through the pantry trying to satisfy my nightly chocolate craving.  I did have a box of the chocolate Special K cereal on hand, but no skim milk.  Besides, I think I needed something a little more hard-core than cereal.  The only thing I could find were poptarts.  They weren’t a flavor that I’m fond of, but decided they would have to do.

While I waited for the toaster to do its job, I reminisced about the days when my husband was home.  That man always had chocolate in this house… for me.  Some nights he would come home from work with 5 bags of M&M’s… for me.  Other times, I might have gone through my stash quicker than he expected and he would just go to the store, at whatever time, to bring me back whatever I wanted.  That is love!  Now, I’m stuck with poptarts.

Those stupid poptarts gave me a simple reminder of our love.  Sometimes, I think that being a military spouse makes me the lucky one.  Our times apart allow us to anticipate each other.  I get butterflies in my stomach when I think about him coming home for two weeks in December.   I’m already trying to map out an outfit and I have been running so I can keep up with him when he gets home.

Sometimes, we get stuck in a routine in our marriages.  We lose the “spark” that we had in the early years.  It’s hard to keep romance alive amidst work, cleaning toilets, and raising children.  It’s hard, but not impossible.  When you were dating or newlywed, did you send your wife flowers for no reason?  Did you get dressed up just because your man was coming to take you out on a date?  Did you leave a note on his car?  Did you hold her hand?  Did you laugh at his jokes?  Did you tell her she was beautiful?

What would it mean to your spouse if you did those things again?  Women, put on some lipstick and run a brush through your hair before he gets home from work.  Men, before you park in the recliner, give your wife a kiss and tell her she’s beautiful before you ask what’s for dinner.  Hold each other’s hand.

Marriage is work.  Sometimes, it’s doing little things that have the biggest impact.  Sometimes you need to search for the butterflies.  I’ll bet with a little work you will find them again.

“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine;” Song of Songs 6:3

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  1. Out of the mouths of babes…yes, I do mean you. C & I just celebrated our 42nd anniversary and your comments/advise are just as useful now (probably even more) than they ever were.

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