School’s Out!…

First and Last Day of SchoolThe pictures are from the first and last day of school this year.  (Please note that I have boys that dress themselves and have no care about a color wheel.)  This has been a big school year for us… the first full school year without daddy home.  I think that we’ve all barely gotten through it.

It started, as most do, with excitement, motivation, and a sense of purpose.  It ended with laziness, desperation, and a hope of promotion.  I don’t know how your schools do it, but in Florida we pretty much prepare the children to take the FCAT… that is all.  Ha! I don’t know if teachers feel the same way, but that’s how I perceive it.  Anyway, in my mind that’s how it is.  So, once the FCAT is over… I’m done.  I have checked out.  Gone are the days of signing the reading log, gone is the desire to go over spelling words, gone is the need to check math homework.  Yet, still the teachers kept sending it all home.  I felt like I was limping through the last three weeks of school.

My oldest son’s teacher jumped on my bandwagon and didn’t give homework the last two weeks of school.  Thrilled I tell you!  My youngest son’s teacher did not get my memo.  He had homework the last week… even had a report/project due right near the end.  What in the world?!  Stuff like that should be assigned at the beginning when our minds are fresh!

Wednesday was their last day and we have a busy summer planned.  Camps, Disney baseball tournament, and a couple long weekend trips will fill the days.  I’ve never been so ready for summer.  (Well, maybe I was just ready for no school.  I work from home and it’s hard getting work accomplished while they are home everyday.)  Never the less, we survived!  Given the total lack of motivation this past month I’m truly excited that this school year is over and that both boys were promoted to the next grade. (Yes, with one I was a little nervous. Ha!)

Yesterday, I started erasing school from our house… even if for just two months (summer has gotten increasingly short).  I put away lunch boxes and emptied their back packs.  Oh my joy!  What did I find?  Mandatory summer homework!  What?!  Gone is the “suggested summer reading list” we have moved to the “mandatory home work PACKET!”  This packet includes books that must be read, reports that must be written, and math facts that must be memorized.  My excitement of school being over has now morphed into PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Summer Homework

I guess I will look on the bright side… I’m sure there’s one here somewhere.  In the meantime, we’re going to trust that God will get us through whatever comes our way!  What summer plans do you have?  Homework, anyone?

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;” Proverbs 3:5

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