Lessons Learned…

PitchI purchased this apparatus a couple of days ago.  My oldest son wants to pitch.  Dad isn’t here to work with him.  My youngest son isn’t interested in catching for his brother.  That leaves me.  Since I can’t catch or throw very well, I did the next best thing… bought this savvy looking catcher.

The boys and I put it together that night.  It was a project that we did together, but like always I did most of the work.  They were so eager to use it.  They put it in the front yard, turned on the security light, and started throwing at the net (on the other side).  They fielded balls for about an hour in the dark.  I was relishing in the moment of being the great mom.  I’ve done something right!  Lately, I need these moments!

The next day, we moved Buster (the savvy catcher) to the back yard.  I measured the distance needed from home plate to the mound.  Since we don’t have a mound, I got crafty and spray painted a line in the grass.  (I’m still feeling really good at this point.)

My son took his bucket of balls to the backyard and starting throwing (I don’t think he’s mastered “pitching” yet).  I’m happy that one son isn’t begging the other to catch while the other declines.  I’m happy that he’s getting to put in time, outside of practice, to work on his pitching.  I’m happy that I don’t have to get out there and be embarrassed in front of my 10-year-old due to my lack of athleticism.  I’m happy…

That lasted all of about 30 minutes.  He came in declaring that he’s never going to pitch again (a little drama) and that he’s broken the fence.  Surely it’s not that bad… so, I walk outside to look.  He has the velocity, but lacks accuracy.  He busted four slats in the fence and managed to relocate two balls into the neighbor’s yard.

We went to the neighbor, explained, and retrieved the balls.  Then, we went to Home Depot to purchase materials to complete a fence repair.  Today, we repaired the fence… together.  We ripped off what was left of the broken slats, hammered a few nails, and before you know it we were done.  I was pretty proud that we did it!

Fence Repair

Being a military spouse requires a lot.  Sometimes, more than we expect.  The very nature of us (well, most of us) is independence.  It’s how we survive.  But I tell you, I would give anything for my man to be home working with my son on his pitching skills, repairing a fence, and just being here to wrap his arms around me when I feel that I’ve reached the end of my rope.  Other dads are doing with their sons and mine have to make due… with me.  I try my best, but my best doesn’t equal dad.

My son and I have learned a few lessons this weekend:

1. Work on accuracy before velocity;

2. Move the mound back so Buster can be farther away from the fence;

3. We can repair a fence;

4. I love my boys enough to do things I never thought I would;

5. They love me enough to make it worthwhile.

“It is good for a man to bear the yoke while he is young.” Lamentations 3:27

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