Teach Them to Serve…

Photo Aug 11, 7 33 39 PMWhen I was young I spent a lot of time with my granny.  I remember going to visit nursing homes at the age of 5.  I remember going caroling to a retirement community.  She taught me to care for the elderly… not forget them.  She taught me the value of the wisdom of seniors.

Likewise, my mom taught me the value of the hand-written card.  She taught me to always stay and help clean up.  She taught me the importance of finding my self-worth… without finding it through material things.

They both taught me to work for what I need and to always share with those less fortunate.  I was taught…

My husband and I have been given the task of raising boys.  Hopefully, raising them to be kind, generous, thoughtful, servants of God.  But, we have to teach them.

We are born into this world selfish.  We have to learn to be considerate of others… to give… to serve.  As I age (and it’s happening faster than I care to admit), I notice that there is a generation of non-servants in the church.  Maybe I can’t blame it all on a generation, maybe it’s just an age that we all go through.  Either way, there is this group that doesn’t do… they don’t participate, they don’t serve, they don’t take meals, they don’t show up to functions… they just don’t do much of anything.

Who is to blame?  Their parents?  Themselves?  The church?  … YES!  Yes, to all… yes.

Remedy?  Take your kids with you when you serve.  Show your kids that you give and I don’t just mean financially.  Involve your kids in your service.  Let them see that sometimes you do it, just because you are supposed to, not because you want to.  Let them see the smile that someone has when you did something nice.  Let them come up with some ideas of their own… and help them to carry them out.  Let them work, but also show them that rewards may come in hugs instead of dollars.

I may have readers that say…

  • “my kids are too young.” Nope!  Children are never too young… in fact, the earlier you start sowing them service, the more likely they will be to keep it up.
  • Or those of you that say “I’ve raised my children perfectly, I’m good.”  Hogwash!  I assure you that there are people (men & women) younger than you in the church that need someone to show them how to serve.  Be an example… when you are cleaning up after an event, find the one that isn’t doing anything and give them a task.  I promise you that they won’t tell you “no”… not sweet miss so-and-so.  They will just do it.
  • Or “I don’t have kids”… I don’t care!  God doesn’t care!  You can still be a great example to others and help them to grow!

We try to raise our boys with a servant’s heart.  I think we are on a good path with them.  I will admit though that while I may be an ok example at service, I don’t do enough (if anything) to involve those people who don’t do.  Maybe they need encouragement… maybe they just need to know the simple joy that comes from a little service.  Maybe they need a kick in the rear.  Whatever it takes… it’s our job…

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6


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