Love Letter…

photo-nov-24-5-00-50-pmHave you ever had someone ask you “why do you love me?”  Over the past near 15 years, my husband has asked me that quite a bit.  Sometimes, I think it is because he has trouble finding his value in himself.  Other times, I wonder if it’s because I just don’t do enough to make him feel it from me.  I’m not really sure of which is correct, but since he’s gone right now, I’m feeling a little sappy.  I’m going to try my best to put it to words… even though I don’t think he ever reads my posts.

When we first met, we worked in the same building.  He had given a friend money, with no expectation of getting it back.  I saw him sacrifice things that he might want so others could have what they needed.  I saw kindness, generosity, and caring.  I fell in love with that.  He opens doors, gives rides, works hard, washes dishes… I fell in love with that, too.  I have watched him quietly do the dirty work that mostly goes unnoticed, but makes a huge difference.  He has a servant’s heart… and I love it.

He drives me crazy.  I mean like up the wall, pull my hair out crazy… and I love that, too.  My whole life I quit things when they became easy.  Easy is boring.  I never took the easy road… I chose the road less traveled… most times to the horror of my parents.  But, while walking through the briars and weeds in the woods, I managed to find my way to him… twice.  I love that he knows all my crap and loves me anyway.  I love that he tickles my feet, even though I want to stab him in the eye when he’s doing it.  I love that we are loud… I love that we are silly… I love that we laugh.

I love that he is calm when I am not… and I am calm when he is not.  I love that he takes the boys to get icees and always brings me back a candy bar.  I love that he would buy me the world, yet doesn’t understand that I already have it.  I don’t love when he’s gone, but I love that he serves our Country… and I most love that I get a chance to miss him… to get butterflies… to be excited to see him… even after 14+ years.

I love when he smiles, even though he thinks he looks goofy.  I love when he prays, even though he thinks he’s horrible at it.  He prays simply, but if you be still and let him go… there is a great humility when he speaks to God that is beautiful.

Mostly, I love that when we stand face to face and he puts his arms around me, I can lean my head in… and there is this spot on his chest where my head fits perfectly… like God made it just for me… and there, I feel safe.  I love you babe…

photo-nov-24-5-02-25-pm“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.  So they are no longer two, but one flesh.  Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Mark 10:7-9

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