The Flesh is Weak…

The night before last, I was having a chocolate craving.  This is a normal occurrence in my life.  My sweet husband usually brings me a little something to ward off the demons that arise when I don’t have chocolate.  However, I have been trying to exercise and eat better, so he’s been mindful of that.

Anyway, there I was, at 9pm, craving chocolate… with none in the house.  I resigned myself to just deal with it until he says… “check the bag I got from your mom for Christmas, there’s M&M’s in it.”  Me: Silently thinks… “What?! You have chocolate from CHRISTMAS?!  That was almost a month ago!”

I politely say “ok, thank you.”  And try to casually saunter, not run with abandon, to the bedroom to retrieve said M&M’s.  Now, I got one of these bags from my mom, too.  So, I’m fully aware that it’s a big bag, not the individual ones you get in the check-out line at the store.  Oh no… there goes my “eating well.”

I rationalize… I can just eat a few to take the craving away.  But, deep down I know that it will take all the will power I have not to eat all 11.4 ounces in one sitting.  I have a problem… I am aware… I hear that half the battle is admitting you have a problem… so, I guess I’m winning already.

I want you to know that I redirected myself.  I did some chores. I momentarily forgot about the need for and availability of chocolate.  By the time I got to my room, I did my Bible reading and then continued a book I had started.  All was well… until 11:22pm.  That little seed entered my brain… M&M’s are right over there….

I want you to know that I think I actually had an out-of-body experience and ended up with the bag in my hand.  I don’t really remember getting it, but there it was.  I’ll just have a few… yeh, ok… as at least 6 ounces just fell into my mouth.  I don’t know how it happens… maybe they lie about how much is actually in the bag?  False advertising, maybe?  I was able to fall asleep before the entire bag was consumed.  It did last one night.  The evil bag of M&M’s was declared deceased at 10:30pm the next night.  So, it’s life as not quite 24 hours.  Evil was destroyed!  That’s how I have to look at it anyway… not that I totally couldn’t resist temptation… not that I now have a few extra zits on my face from the sugar intake… not that the scale will not forgive me when I stand on her… 🙁

The Bible says a lot about temptation.  We are faced with it constantly.  We may not struggle with the same things, but we all struggle.  You could put a six-pack of beer in front of me, I won’t touch it, but you might.  I don’t care for pornography, violence, and I could resist chips and fried chicken… I will even try to control myself around a batch of broccoli… someone else may really have a problem with self-control around these things.  I’m summarizing, but Mark 9:42-47 talks about if your hand causes you to stumble, cut it off.  I honestly think that if it came down to chocolate and me not having hands… I would still find a way.

The kicker is that I had no idea the chocolate was even there until my husband told me.  It had been there for three weeks untouched.  However, as soon as I knew it was there, I devoured in less than 24 hours.  The flesh is weak, y’all.

Stay away from the things that tempt you.  Stay far away.  Walk the other way, change the conversation, change your friends if you have to… but stay away.  Sin is a killer.  It may or may not kill you physically, but it does kill us spiritually.  We are human… we struggle… we fail… but God has redeemed us.  All you have to do is accept the gift that He gave.

“Watch and pray that will not fall into temptation.  The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”  Matthew 26:41

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