God Can Use Your Circumstance (Mission Trip Lesson #4)…

About four years ago, our church adopted an “unreached people group” in Oaxaca, Mexico.  My understanding is that this is a group, among many, identified by the International Mission Board as never being reached by the Gospel.  The first team went to start our journey as a church to reach these people.

On their way through the mountains, the horrible roads caused two flat tires.  Now, let me explain that in the car were two, yes TWO, pregnant ladies!  Can you imagine?!  On a mountain highway… in a country where you don’t speak the language… two flat tires… two pregnant ladies… and no tire store.

The group of five had broken down in front of a house.  The ladies of the house invited some to stay there while the others went to the nearest city to get the tires fixed.  These ladies don’t have much, but they offered shade, bananas, and most important… hospitality.

Since then, our church has had many teams go to Mexico.  Just about every team that goes visits these ladies.  We now affectionately call them “the ladies by the river.”  Years have gone by.  Two of those first team members have followed God’s call and moved to Mexico to further our efforts to reach these people.  Garrett and Brittany live in Tuxtepec, Mexico with their two beautiful children (their youngest was born there).

From that first encounter until now (April, 2017) there have been six professions of faith and three baptisms from the ladies family!  Garrett & Brittany continue to visit the ladies by the river every two weeks.  They continue to disciple the ladies so that the ladies can disciple others.  All from two flat tires.  In my book, that would have been considered a bad… or at least scary day.  Instead, it became a story of salvation.

What’s the lesson here?  God will use your circumstance, if you let Him.  I don’t know what your circumstance is… maybe it’s a trial you are going through… maybe it’s just a chance encounter with someone… maybe it’s a flat tire… whatever it is, look around.  See what God has for you in that moment.  Be sensitive to your surroundings…

I encourage you to follow Garrett and Brittany through their journey.  Please pray for them as they follow God’s call to be missionaries in a foreign land.  No matter where you are reading this, you can be a part of reaching these people.  Visit their website to find out how you can give, go, and/or pray… The Knights of Mexico.

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

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